About the Writer


My name is Nicole Yukiko Sekiya. I'm a half-Japanese, Calgary-born girl currently living in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Yukiko, which is actually my middle name, was given to me by my adorable baachan (great-grandmother) to commemorate my birth, which took place during a blizzard in March of 1989.

I have a diploma in theatre arts from Mount Royal University and BFA in theatre from the University of British Columbia.

Walks along the beach are fine, but I'd rather spend the night on the streets of New York so that I might have a chance of seeing a taping of Saturday Night Live. (I actually did that.)

I dislike yam fries, drinking too much, sunburns, bad Wi-Fi, airplane landings and takeoffs, being undermined, (p)leather chairs, and sleeping in a hot room.

Enjoy your stay.

Your night owl,

NOTE: This blog used to be called The Lost Girl. It's not anymore.