Monday, August 25, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nick Thune is awesome live

I saw Nick Thune last night and he totally lived up to the hype I'd created about him after he was on Fallon. 

Which you can watch over here.

If you have a chance to see him perform, it's totally worth it. He runs a great show. There were some quirky bits where he navigated how to Canadianize some of his jokes with conversations about Delissio versus DiGiorno, confirming that "Rogers" was a cell provider, and the fact that there isn't much "middle school" in Van. I think that he's even thinking of these little details, shows how committed he is to weaving a helluva story. Plus a great bit about a dog. And anyone who knows my kind of humour knows how funny I think dogs are.

Anyway, check him out.

Your girl,