Thursday, August 29, 2013

HEAR THIS: A Cappella Bests

This is yet another post that comes with a major WARNING: If you click through these videos on to YouTube itself, you will lose hours of your life. But they'll be beautifully sounding hours. You've been warned...

EVOLUTION OF MUSIC  Pentatonix (favourite of my friend Geoff J.) goes through pop music from what sounds like a Gregorian chant to "Call Me Maybe". It's pretty damn good and honestly when they hit the 2000s it's gonna make you yearn for the pre-Bieber days.

HARRY POTTER IN 60 SECONDS  Under the name of Paint, this Texan takes us through the main plot points of the entire Harry Potter series using the melodies from the different scores for the films. It's clever, it's accurate, it's great.

BAD ROMANCE  I've always loved this group from the University of Oregon called "On the Rocks" doing a Lady Gaga cover. It's far from perfect (in fact one guy does a solo that kinda fails, albeit beautifully) but the performance in this grainy video and the screaming ladies makes it a memorable video. I come back to it every now and again. Pour vous...

I KNEW YOU WERE...AWESOME  Walk Off the Earth gained popularity with their inventive one-guitar version of "Somebody That I Used to Know" which I would argue that Gotye owes a huge favour to. Anyway this band has a way of making other people's songs waaay better than the original and they do it again with this Taylor Swift hit. The fact that they can make those drops without a synth (or whatever the fuck it is you use to make dubstep drops with) blows my mind. Stay after the song for further proof of their beat guy's talents.

HOLOCENE  It's no secret that I adore Bon Iver so this cover of Holocene (which incidentally is the geological epoch we are living in) certainly makes the list. Unfortunetly there isn't any footage to accompany the video but hot damn does this smooth cover make up for flashy visuals.

I think that's a pretty crisp place to end this post. Hope your earbuds enjoyed this tasty treat. Until next time...

Your girl,

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Your Girl's Favourite iPhone Apps

Pic Stitch  Make photo collages of your recent trip through the wilderness or ya know, your brunch. It also as a cool "Splash" function that with some precision, can isolate a specific colour in your photo.

Over  Once you've made that collage, add some fun text on top, because pictures might say a thousand words but now yours will say a thousand-and-one!

Chrome  Loves, if you're still using Safari then You. Are. Fucking. Up. Help yourselves to Google's far superior browsing app with Google instant fully integrated.

Evernote  I have this app on my phone and my laptop because it syncs in a really lovely way. It's great as a writer because if inspiration strikes me at the bus stop, I can jot down an idea and finish it when I get home.

Unblock Me  Simple brain game/puzzle. Great bus ride time-suck and less motion sickness inducing than Tetris.

iMadeFace  Make a perfect, hipster cartoon version of yourself. Because why not.

Tune Master  I'm far from a seasoned musician which means I can't tune a guitar by ear to save my life. Also includes options for other instruments like ukulele, violin, chromatic, and a bunch of other instruments I've never even heard of.

What are you favourite apps?

Your girl,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HEAR & WATCH THIS: M83 Music Video Triology

Please put on your headphones and simply click here.

That is all.

Your girl,

Celebrity Cameo Music Videos

While "Our Deal" by Best Coast might be my favourite celebrity music video of all time, there are still plenty of good ones.

My cousin just posted this video of Aubrey Plaza in Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty on her Facebook which inspired this whole post. (Thanks S!) I haven't ever heard of the band but this video eerily parallels the whole journey of one of the characters in an indie play I was just working on. It's also a new light to see Aubrey Plaza in, which is icing.

I probably saw Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler in this video for "Crazy" by Aerosmith much too early in my life. The amount of sexual subtext, the plain weirdness involved in the scene where Liv Tyler essentially pretends to be her dad (aka Steven Tyler) while she's stripping, and the general tomfoolery that goes on probably were inapproriate for me to be watching as a kid. In the years after this video, Clueless and Empire Records were released and my adoration of these two ladies was cemented for most of the late-90's.

Tricia Helfer stars in this video alongside a few other even more random people that I barely recognize as noteworthy (including one of the boring human teenagers from Twilight) but the video is slammin'. Ms Helfer is looking bomb and the video kinda makes me wish it was a real movie trailer for an actual film. I'd probably watch it online...

There are other people in this video for "Giving Up the Gun" by Vampire Weekend, but all you really need to know is that Jake Gyllenhaal plays tennis. 'Nuff said, really.

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis,  Ed Helms, and Will Forte in Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons. I like Mumford & Sons even more after this video because they obviously don't take themselves too seriously, or else I don't think they'd have even thought to approve this satirical video. Plus, seeing Jason Bateman in those skinny jeans and suspenders has me taking a cold shower...

There's a joke amongst Harry Potter fans that in the time when Ron leaves Hermione and Harry in Deathly Hallows that this video chronicles what he goes off to do. As if Ron loses his goddamn mind and takes off to stalk Ed Sheeran around. Anyway, this video for "Lego House" featuring Rupert Grint is pretty cute and creepy, even if the song has been hilariously overplayed on Top 40.

Bruce Willis in pursuit of Gorillaz, what could go wrong with 2D at the wheel?

And what is the best solo celebrity cameo appearance ever? Christopher "More Cowbell" Walken in Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim, of course. His dancing is magic.

What are some memorable celebrity music video cameos you love?

Your girl,