Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week in the Life of Your Girl, the Theatre Student

The crazier my life is, the less time I have to write. So I'll briefly write about how crazy my life is.

Started learning a whole fuckton about Shakespeare. I've always been enthusiastic about Shakespeare but still didn't feel like I had a secure way to connect into the text. Now, I'm really gaining a line of questioning that I feel I could approach any Shakespeare with and have some success. I'm working on Richard III and playing Queen Anne. The fun bit when she spits on Richard. Very juicy bit. I'm also in the scene with one of my favourite human beings, which makes it all the more sweeter.

Had a bit of a frustrating day in voice. We're learning a dialect called Standard (or mid-Atlantic) which is essentially an imaginary dialect used to teach the basics of speech sounds (formation of the sounds used to talk) so we can alter them for any given dialect in the future. That said, I'm learning that I've become quite a visual learner and "drawing" the sounds help me try to conceptualize the sounds.

I also rehearsed for Hamletmachine, the weirdest play I've ever been involved in. It is very conceptual and stands as a design thesis project. The designer is also the director. She's very, very, very busy. It's intense. But I had a fruitful rehearsal and feel like progress is being made. My enthusiasm for the project is returning to me.

I really feel that I'm learning to marry the structure of Shakespeare's work (meter, thesis & antithesis, etc.) with the modern techniques of acting (objective, given circumstances, intent, etc.) available to us. I don't doubt that Shakespearean actors would be capable of using these techniques but they just hadn't been solidly identified yet, so Shakespeare's text made sure that if it were not acted to the fullest potential, at least the words would convey the message. My challenge today in the early 21st century is to revisit and understand his code so I can apply it today.

Also managed to catch the preview for my department's last mainstage show of the season, Blood Relations. If you're interested and in Vancouver, here's more information!

Said one of the stupidest things today:
My movement teacher: He single-handedly flew across the Atlantic.
Me: Does that mean he only had one- No. That's not what that means.
(Uproarious laughter.)

Also had another day of Hamletmachine. Another day of increased, effective communication. Communication is totally key.

Topped the night off by hitting up the opening night party for the mainstage show.

Said one of the funniest things today.

Bethany (a classmate): Every little British kid has re-enacted St George killing the dragon.
Me: We did the fur trade here.
(Uproarious laughter, including my prof.)

And now, I sit in bed watching Gilmore Girls, researching religious hand gestures and annihilating a pizza from Panago. See, so glamorous!

How was your week?

Your girl,

Monday, March 18, 2013


So. I just listened to the new Beyonce song and now I'm going to start watching the Girls season finale. I'm feeling pretty tense about it because I didn't realize it was the season finale until yesterday. I thought we had a few more months left. I'm choked. So, I'm going to go make some perogies to have in tandem with this event. If ever I doubted that I actually liked this show, tonight it's clear that I love it.

Whew. So many things. Tears, giggles. The full range of emotions. I'm not sure how I'll write this one. While we're at it, stop reading this if you don't want the season two finale of Girls to be spoiled for you. I think it would be obvious that this will be pretty spoiler-laden, but common decency compels me to mention it.

LOCKS: Messy Milkmaid Braid

This is a super-easy one. The level of "mess" is entirely up to you!

Hair ties
Bobby pins

Questions? Comments? Let me know on here or on Facebook!

Your girl,

LOCKS: Stupid Faux-Movie Trailer

This might be the stupidest thing I've ever made. It was totally devoid of imagination and took all of five minutes to make on iMovie but it's kinda funny, so I thought I'd share. As if a hair tutorial video needs a fucking trailer... Groan. 

Regretfully yours.

Your girl,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

LIVEBLOG: Justin Timberlake on SNL

Here we go! Let's hope this is better than last week. Host and musical guest Justin Timberlake? Should be good!

Refresh this page to keep it live. I'm watching on the West Coast.

11:40 - Was too hypnotized by that cold open to start this on time. He's started the monologue now, still has that relaxer in his hair that deprives us of his ramen hair.

11:42 - Steve Martin!!!

11:45 - See, it's not just Community writers that think Chevy Chase is a totally out of touch and only funny when he can't figure something out!

11:46 - My mom hates Martin Short. I love him. HOLY JESUS FUCK! TOM HANKS & ALEC BALDWIN! THIS IS A DJANGO JOKE NOW! I feel the same way about "Drunk Uncle", Mr. Hanks!

11:48 - First commercial break. I think we're gonna be okay this week. I hope.

11:51 - I love Bill Hader as a game show host. And his brows are looking specifically luscious tonight.

11:52 - Durrr. Dick in a Box duo as contestants on this dating show? This is not the way I thought they'd show up. Way to throw a curveball there guys! Make it worth it!

11:52 - Methinks I don't understand this last reference. Methinks I wanna pounce on Steve Martin though. I don't care.

11:58 - The only thing I didn't like about that was that Vanessa Bayer was the bachelorette. Ugh. Can she just say "fuck" on air and get fired already? Even her formerly ace Miley impression has gone stale.

12:01 - I know what's next...

12:02 - I was right. BRING IT ON DOWN TO VEGANVILLE!

12:06 - I love that he's just wearing white basketball shorts underneath his costume.

12:09 - This birth control parody ad is barely funny. Feels too possible.

12:12 - Introduced himself? Okay. Well, good luck remembering not to say "shit" in Suit & Tie. Is Jay-Z gonna be here?

12:14 - I love his dancers, great vibes.

12:16 - Crowd goes wild! HOV IN DA HOUSE!

12:17 - Did Jay-Z just fuck up some sort of choreo they were tryin' to do? He looked momentarily embarrassed.

12:21 - Jar Jar Binks joke? Seth...

12:23 - STEFON!

12:24 - "Donald Duck having a Vietnam nightmare" is the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

12:36 - We're mid-commercial break and I still can't think of anything to say about the Caligula thing except maybe, what was the point? Can't win 'em all...

12:39 - Andy! JT has an amazing wig on. Save for that soul patch, Jason Sudeikis looks bangin'.

12:48 - Is that Blake Shelton playing guitar?

12:49 - So, is JT done doing fully-realized choreography or is he just gonna jam it out for the rest of his career? 'Cause like, that was 50% of his charm for me. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's still miles ahead of Bieber but I miss JT's slick moves.

12:51 - Some perspective. When he sings, this is who he's thinking about.

12:57 - I don't know what to do with that fake movie trailer. At first I thought I wasn't getting the joke then I was like, nope, it's just actually a dick joke.

1:00 - I love Cecily. And JT in jean shorts.

1:03 - Haha, "I do feminist porn," and "It's like nice champagne but some of it's Sprite," are my favourite lines of the night.

1:06 - Goodnights are done! Hah, Chevy looked confused.

1:07 - And that's a night, folks! Thanks for sticking it out with me!

Your girl,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Your Girl's Birthday Week Playlist

It's my birthday on Saturday. I made a playlist for you! Enjoy! (With video commentary!!!)

Your girl,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Your Girl Explains Bubble Tea

I worked at a bubble tea shop. It was really quite famous, while it existed. I refer to that job as the best job I ever walked away from. And really, I'm glad I walked away from it so I'd never have a reason to resent bubble tea. But nearly every time I bring up bubble tea, there is at least one person who isn't convinced. My thought is that they don't really know what bubble tea is. Maybe I can help with that.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Work It

I love shows like So You Think You Can Dance and pretty much just watching dance videos in general. Here are some of my favourites right now.

Read on my loves!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

WATCH THIS: Adam Hills Destroys Joan Rivers

If you can manage to get through the first 43 seconds of this video, the payoff of watching Adam Hills (an Australian comedian) rip the infamous Joan Rivers a new one is glorious. I can't even explain how much I already loathe Joan Rivers for making her entire existence dependent on criticizing the way people look. (And don't even get me started on how ass-backward I think Kelly Osbourne is for being on her show. That needs it's own post.)


Your girl,

HEAR THIS: New Daft Punk?

I just peed.

Your girl,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Liveblogged SNL

Hosted by Kevin Hart. Music guest Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Please tell me we get to hear "Thrift Shop" tonight...

11:41 - Fuck, missed the cold open. Kevin Hart makes his entrance.

11:43 - I don't get this. I just want a sandwich.

11:51 - Yay Keenan!

11:59 - Okay missed the last eight minutes. But they brought me back with this Quvenzhané Wallis impression.

12:02 - That was a weird way to address both of those topics.

12:03 - I've seen this Starbucks parody commercial before. It's okay.

12:04 - Fucking love Cecily Strong. She does hysteria so well. ADORE HER.

12:07 - Damn. Bill Hader's lookin' fine.

12:09 - First break of the night. Well-deserved, Kevin.


12:14 - Dude, what is with the shitty sound mixing/editing right now? I can't hear the vocals. Balls.

12:15 - Seriously. I know this song and I still have no idea what he's saying.

12:20 - Weekend Update. Haven't been keeping up with the news lately, not sure I'll understand anything... Yikes.

12:22 - I guess racism is okay when the object is Kim Jong-un?

12:34 - Zombies. I'm going to assume I didn't think that was funny because I haven't seen The Walking Dead?

12:43 - I wish I was high right now.

12:48 - This might have been the worst episode to decide to liveblog. I can see why Kevin Hart wasn't cast on the show in the first place. Way too big, and not in a fun Chris Farley or Will Ferrell way.

12:55 - Macklemore is just so infectiously positive. Love his vibe.

12:59 - I actually lol'd at that throwback to the Z-Shirt.

1:07 - Was busy blogging about that new Daft Punk teaser. They ran long and didn't have time for the goodbyes (one of my favourite parts) which was lame. Anyway, lame episode. Whatevs.

Decade in Review

In one week I'll be twenty-four. A rather un-exciting age. But in thinking of everything that has occurred since my fourteenth birthday, it seems pretty huge. Let's look at it year-by-year with some of the hits and misses.

Hit - Started my last year of Junior High.
Miss - Failed my learner's licence test. Twice. Wasn't dating Jake Epstein.

Hit - After being historically shitty at math and "struggling" with math teachers, I passed my first-ever high school math class. Found out I could major in theatre in University.
Miss - Forgot to start introducing myself as "Nicole" on the first day of high school thus sentencing myself to three more years of people calling me "Nikki".

Hit - Got picked to be he VP of the drama society. Made honors for math.
Miss - Threw up on someone's front lawn after being fed a bottle of red wine by Tyler Longmire.

Hit - Skipped my first class.
Miss - Skipped my first class. 

Hit - Graduated from high school. Started college.
Miss - Missed out on the Calgary Herald Class Act award to a "Class Assshole".

Hit - Made my first bubble tea.
Miss - Was told that I was wearing an ugly wig in a play where I wasn't wearing a wig by a child.

Hit - Graduated from college on the Dean's List. Started managing a bubble tea shop aka BEST JOB EVER. Moved out of my parent's house.
Miss - Finally got my learner's licence. 

Hit - Went to New York, twice.
Miss - RIP Grandma Minor. Was broke. Lazy. Stupidly quit the BEST JOB EVER.

Hit - Was accepted to UBC. Moved to Vancouver. Met a boatload of amazing people.
Miss - Had to leave my parents and friends behind in Calgary.

Hit - Produced a cabaret. Generally loved my life in Vancouver and at UBC. Learned how to speak French, un peu.
Miss - RIP Gran Sekiya. In more debt than ever. Passed out on my first day of work at my summer job.

What are you hits and misses from the last ten years of your life?

Your girl,

Friday, March 1, 2013

WATCH THIS: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Word on the street is that Pride & Prejudice is itchin' to be pretty important to me next academic year. Can't really say why, but it is.

Regardless, I've been a little obsessed for the last month and tonight I stumbled onto this absolute gem of a web series. A modern retelling of the Jane Austen classic through the eyes of a YouTube vlogger. Sure, there are some inconsistencies with the original source material, it's pretty fuckin' clever and enjoyable.

The actress portraying Lizzie is amazing and her dry, sarcastic wit is pretty ace, in my opinion.

Here's episode one, but like Lays, "betcha can't eat just one"...or...whatever. Here ya go:


Your girl,