Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We're officially in our second week (of three) of the run of RHINOCEROS at Theatre UBC. Tonight was our Alumni night and we also had a talkback, which was my first at UBC! Fun stuff! Come down, check it out, and you might even meet me afterwards!

Click here for more information!

Your girl,

HEAR THIS: Just A Dream by Nelly

This song made an appearance in Pitch Perfect when it got the mash-up treatment with Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" and today the hood earworm'd it's way into my mind. Now you can have it too.

What song has been stuck in your head lately?

Your girl,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

READ THIS: the wunder year

So this girl went to my college and took the same program I did, except she graduated a year before I started. So, we kinda knew one another, but not really.  Anyway, we met at the audition for my current theatre school and after some crazy, serendipity moments, I ended up at UBC and she's workin' it a Lululemon. I saw her a few weeks ago and she mentioned her blog, which I went home and read and fell in love with.

Anyway, I'll let Alexis (yeah, she has a name...duh) speak for herself but encourage you to hear her out. She has a positive and realistic approach to life and her personal messages of self-acceptance are simply breathtaking.

Click here!

What other blogs are you reading? (Besides me, obviously.)

Your girl,


Times really are changing. Women are really taking charge in comedic television both on the production and creative side of the lens. Yes, it's sad to think we'll soon be in a post-30 Rock era and than Parks and Rec is closing up shop, but there are still so many other female-driven comedies on air right now. We all know I have a lady-boner for Lena Dunham's Girls on HBO and New Girl is killing in its sophomore season. I should also take this opportunity to give some love to Megan Ganz, a writer on Community, who is responsible for the Law & Order parody episode (and countless others).

But right now let me get down to business, trying to convince you to watch The Mindy Project. I've already introduced this show to you in my "The Best of 2012: TV & Film" post but I just wanted to break it down a little more if you were still unconvinced.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Light as a Feather

So I've owned a MacBook Air for about 24 hours now and have a few, early thoughts about it.

ONE - No ethernet port.
For most people this isn't an issue because ethernet is going the way of dial-up, but I live in pre-2000s university residence building so this sucks. For now, I'm relegated to the commons block in the lobby (from which I am currently writing to you) but tomorrow I'm picking up an Apple Airport Express to flip over my ethernet to wi-fi. Solved.

TWO - Travels like a dream.
I probably took my old laptop to school once a month on average, but I can't imagine leaving the house without the Air. The super-slim profile is no more of a weight than a couple school books and since I'm mostly doing studio classes this term that's a trade I can easily make.

THREE - The keyboard lights up.
Guys, the keyboard lights up.

FOUR - It works.
My old laptop was just barely chugging along at the end there. It really wasn't long for this world and I knew it, so I was willing to forgive painful operating but hot-damn is it nice to have something that actually works. I was getting to the point where I'd have time to make a cup of tea in the time it took iTunes to open, now I barely have time to blink.

FIVE - I'm excited about writing.
A few days without a computer really made me realize how much I'd been enjoying writing. Besides The Lost Girl, I've also been trying to do a bit of free-writing everyday (a suggestion my mother's friend Jude made to me weeks before she died, years ago) and not having a laptop to actually type on (smartphones just aren't the same as a keyboard) I'm happy to have it back.

So yeah, it's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with my decision.

What decisions have you been happy with lately?

Your girl,

Girls Recap: Bad Friend

Ugh. Spoilers 'n shit.

I'm so happy HBO's Girls has been living up to my grand expectations I developed because last season was so off-the-charts incredible. And thank goodness they brought Booth Jonathan back. Because, Jorma. 

His art exhibit kinda reminded me of a multimedia, hipster version of Marina Abramović and Marnie's reaction was basically my reaction to Abramović's exhibit I saw in New York a few years ago. Anyway, they had some weird sex and then Hannah, Elijah and Laird the Junkie came over. It was strange and absurd and I loved it.

Also, how great was Andrew Rannells? Once he and Hannah had done the coke he killed me. Waiting to go down to the subway, dancing and doing coke in the bathroom at the club, and then dealing with Laird the Junkie in the drugstore. I love this guy. I wish I liked his show The New Normal but I just can't stomach it. What I'd give to have seen him in The Book of Mormon on Broadway...

And yeah, Laird the Junkie. Great character. We've been talking a lot about opposites in acting class and this guy has that idea down. Instead of playing the stereotypical hyped-up twitcher, he was a subdued and emotional wreck. He also declared that his turtle could be "a dick" which is just plain funny. Calling animals dicks is funny to me. So, yeah. Anyway, I hope that he returns in the future. I'm sure he will given he lives in the same building as Hannah.

Really didn't miss Adam. Must still be in jail or whatever.

I'm just waiting for Skylar Astin to make a comeback.

Your girl,


Sunday, January 27, 2013

WATCH THIS: A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

A few days ago my beloved white MacBook (one of them old ones they don't make anymore because the battery was hotter than Mordor) finally gave up the ghost and peaced. It was not surprising but it did leave me without a computer for a few days. In my world, that is a big deal. Thank baby Buddha on the mountaintop that I have an iPhone and just added more data to my plan. Anyway, I went to Apple this morning and had a genius appointment with Dave who laid out that I could either pay upwards of five to six hundred dollars to attempt to fix my laptop, or start from scratch. I nodded, understood and walked out saying I'd make a decision. That decision was unexpectedly made for me by my father (who I called upon exiting the store) who said, "Go for it." Looks like my birthday is coming quite a bit early this year. 

So, your girl walked back into the store, an met sales-guy (and fellow thespian) Dagan who set her up with a MacBook Air. 

I love it. I gotta buy a wireless router so I can stop leeching internet off my roommates (residence life) but otherwise, things are going very well.

So, even when something kinda shitty happens, just keep going because maybe it'll all work out. Dead laptops, broken bones, or whatever chaos life throws at you, just keep going.

And that brings us to this edition of WATCH THIS.

This is one of the best things I've seen in a good, long while. It's a tightly edited, confidently performed, and well-written video about persistence 'n shit. I love some good kid acting.

How's your life going? You okay? Facing any hardships?

Your girl,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY Green Smoothie

I have no idea how this recipe stacks up compared to your favourite bottled green smoothie nutrition-wise, but I can tell you that it's a helluva a lot cheaper.

In a blender cup (I have a Magic Bullet, it's super-convenient) layer a cup of yogurt, a generous handful of spinach, a banana, a little orange juice (to help blend), and some frozen fruit mix.

Blend the shizzle out of that thing. Start with some pulses to break the big pieces of frozen fruit and once it starts to move freely just giv'r and let it run for a bit. Then, you're done!


Your girl,

HEAR THIS: A BUCK 65 Playlist

Here you go.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Everyone Should Own an LED Headlamp

My Mum bought me an LED headlamp for Christmas. I wasn't sure how or if I'd ever use it. But I have seen the light. Pun intended.

Your girl in headlamp overdose.
REASON 1: Good for reading in bed
Camping or otherwise.

REASON 2: Walking around in the dark
The light shines out at what you're trying to see, not at your eyes.

REASON 3: Eventual Zombie apocalypse
Because, duh.

Your girl,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

HEAR THIS: I Don't Want Love by The Antlers

Today was a long day. For anyone who knows theatre, I had nine hours of tech etc. For anyone who doesn't know theatre, imagine spending nine hours in a waiting room and you'll have an understanding of what tech is like. It's part of the job, a necessary evil. That said, it's still exhausting and challenging. There is a lot of time to think and think and think. Little else is as emotionally dangerous as "Nicole thinking" and all that dangerous thinking just added to my exhaustion. 

Upon arriving at home, I flopped onto my bed and felt tears begin to surge. Then, as that impulse began to manifest itself, this song came on shuffle and I fully gave in to the wave. And now I'm riding that wave to you. Proceed with caution. This isn't the studio version but it's almost better.


Your girl,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

HEAR THIS: The Dandy Cowboys by SoKo

I first heard SoKo when I was watching a fashion television show in Bali back in '09.  Her EP "Not Sokute" is a tight little bundle of cute, angry tunes. This one, "The Dandy Cowboys" is probably the most stylized one. Perhaps only out-shined by "I'll Kill Her" which is just a little too sad for a Thursday afternoon. And she has an adorable little French accent. Win. Give it a listen:

Your girl,


Image credit: Matt Reznek
The countdown begins.

Click here for more information!

Your girl,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WATCH THIS: UBC Baseball Men

The context of this next video is pretty interesting to your girl. Last semester, when several of my fellow intermediate BFA program classmates had some free time, we created an evening called "Cabaret Sauvignon". In that evening of laughs, cries and howls, this video debuted. It's funny, random and best of all, totally awkward. By my estimate, one of the most enjoyable forms of humor.

It took some time for Naomi Vogt and Lara Deglan (featured in the video) to obtain permission to post it on YouTube, but they've been given approval by the powers that be and now you can see the video!

If any of the guys in this video see this, shoot me an email. I'd love to talk to you about your experience filming this.

Your girl,

Monday, January 14, 2013

HEAR THIS: Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake (ft Jay-Z)

Yes, you read that right. A new song by Justin Timberlake. With Jay-Z.

Click here to hear it!

I was still in high school the last time a new JT album came out. That means five-and-a-half years ago, for me. I'm dying.

On Thursday, this video was released. I didn't realize how quickly the promise made here would come to fruition.

Anyway, enjoy. Thoughts? Share 'em.

Your girl,

Friday, January 11, 2013

SEE THIS: Rhinoceros

What? RHINOCEROS by Eugene Ionesco. Translated by Martin Crimp.
Who? Directed by Chelsea Haberlin, Co-Artistic Director and General Manager of ITSAZOO Productions.
When? January 24 to February 9, 2013.
Where? TELUS Studio Theatre in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Photo credit: Tim Matheson
Courtesy Theatre at UBC
This probably won't be the last time I post about this show. Your girl is a little bit of a massive ensemble of intermediate and final year BFA Acting students at UBC featured in this show. If you like different, bold, and'll love this.

More information to come but for now, get yourself in the reminder loop by clicking here and joining the Facebook event.

Your girl,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MAKE IT: Granola Pancakes

Seriously easy way to jazz up some pancakes. Like, easier than KD. And yes, I use pancake mix, not scratch. 'Cause I ain't got time for that.

Pancake mix


  • Make pancake mix and get a pan hot, as usual. Read the directions on the package, whatever. We're not trying to be gourmet. Need I remind you, we're using a mix?
  • Drop some batter
  • Sprinkle granola on top of the pancake.
  • Continue making pancakes as usual.
  • Congratulations, you made Granola Pancakes!

You can use this same technique with frozen blueberries, chocolate chips or nearly anything else.

Is your mind blown? Or, are you seriously questioning why this was necessary to write about at all? Make some pancakes and then let me know.

Your girl,

SEE THIS: Amazing 90s Hair

If you don't understand this, you never will.

The 90s were so intense.


Your girl,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Lost Girl Remains Aptly Named: A Google Fail

In trying to figure out why so many people have told me that Google has a really hard time finding The Lost Girl, I finally tried myself and found this:
You girl,
Nicole Sekiya, creator of The Lost Girl
(reckon that's specific enough?)

Six Steps


Your girl,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best of 2012: My Year

Every year, I like to do a wrap-up of everything I liked about a year and throw it out into the digital universe. Way back in the day I used to do this on Nexopia, then on Facebook, last year's is still on Mary to Marilyn, and this year I'm keeping it alive (albeit a day into 2013) here on The Lost Girl.

In this issue, we cover MY YEAR.

The Best of 2012: Film & TV

Every year, I like to do a wrap-up of everything I liked about a year and throw it out into the digital universe. Way back in the day I used to do this on Nexopia, then on Facebook, last year's is still on Mary to Marilyn, and this year I'm keeping it alive (albeit a day into 2013) here on The Lost Girl.

In this issue, we cover FILM & TV.

The Best of 2012: Music

Every year, I like to do a wrap-up of everything I liked about a year and throw it out into the digital universe. Way back in the day I used to do this on Nexopia, then on Facebook, last year's is still on Mary to Marilyn, and this year I'm keeping it alive (albeit a day into 2013) here on The Lost Girl.

In this issue, we cover MUSIC.