Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Deal

In moving forward with this version of THE LOST GIRL I've realized I need a refined vision of what this blog is all about. So I've decided to come up with a deal. A deal for you, the lovely reader, and a deal for myself, the unqualified writer.

First off, we're keeping the name. But, don't get it twisted: This blog isn't about being lost. Simply, THE LOST GIRL gets it name from J.M. Barrie's Lost Boys gang in "Peter Pan". They lived childhood paradise world of their own imaginations and I believe it's still possible to live my life that way. I can grow up but, the world I live in as a grown-up is all about what I make it out to be. So, you'll hear about my life and the quest to create my own paradise.  I'll make it, "Neverland or bust."

So what else is in this deal?
  • My life is also about "new" these days. New city, new school, new people, and (as of today) new homes. So when I find something new I'm going to share that with you, too. Places to go and things to do.
  • I love pop culture, I really do. So, I'll drop in nuggets of news from the pop culture world, likely ranging from mundane to abstract to intriguing.
  • I'll drop a non sequitur in when I can muster it.
  • You'll get updates about my career as it unfolds. It's just a baby, incubating in theatre school right now but there's plenty more yet to come!
And lastly, I'll listen to you. If you can take the time to give me feedback then I'll do what I can to integrate it.

Alright so let's see what all this means and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Your girl,

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This blog is experiencing a complete overhaul.
Hang tight!

Your girl,