Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Right now my family is in the next room collaborating on how best to write the obituary of my dear Gran. We lost her on Boxing Day and it's now 12:28am the next day. It's been a time. I saw her on Thursday (when I visited her with my cousin and her daughter) and less than a week later, she's gone. She lived through The Great Depression, the internment of Japanese-Canadians during WWII (Don`t know what I mean? Google it.) and whole slew of cold, prairie winters all while helping raise her other five siblings and, of course, my father and his sister. She was amazing. She is amazing.

I've known for perhaps a decade that this day was inevitable but no amount of preparation can help reconcile the fluidity of life. We lost her. But now I'm in a house with my parents, siblings, and my dear aunt that has taken care of her for as long as I can recall.

I hope that I can have the strength through all the curve balls life throws at me like she did. Nothing is ever easy but nothing is impossible to overcome. And that will be her legacy.

She lives through me. Reincarnated.


Coleen Nori Sekiya

Your Girl,

Friday, December 21, 2012



Maybe you can explain why I'm wrong but...

Lethbridge < Anywhere else

Sorry not sorry.

Your girl,

PS - Happy to be home.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three Things I'm Stoked About This Winter (plus an Update)

On September 15, I took a look at "Three Things I'm Stoked About This Fall". Well, how'd those three things pan out and what am I looking forward to as the wintry, holiday season approaches?

So, You Wanna Go To UBC?

I go to the University of British Columbia. Before I started going here I knew two things about UBC: The first is that I'd better get used to the rain (or die), and the second is that it was a "beautiful campus".

After a year-and-a-half here, I've discovered that both are true. That said, there are a few more things you need to know before you apply.

Deux Holiday Hacks

I've got two simple-as-pie hacks to get you in the holiday spirit. The first is decorative, the second is a way to liven up a classic hairstyle.

Cut out various circle shapes using colourful paper and stick on your blank walls at random with a loop of tape or sticky tack. Just brings some life into a room. Make it holiday themed by sticking to greens and reds.

Take a simple low bun and use your shiniest necklace like a headband, wrapping the remainder around the bun like a hair tie, and securing it all with pins. You can't see it in the picture, but I also middle-parted my normally asymmetrical part for a little drama. Tease the crown  and pair with a liquid liner to really up the retro glam. Makes a simple look a little classier for all those parties coming up.

All of these super-easy ideas take under ten minutes and assuming you already have the materials, cost nothing.

Thoughts? Got a better idea? Share it!

Your girl,

Friday, December 14, 2012


This is a super easy dish to make. You know how to eat 'em but did you know how easy it is to make them? Takes under twenty minutes, needs five ingredients and some spices.

•Bell peppers
•Chicken breast
•Chili powder
•Salt 'n Peppa

1. Cut chicken into small strips. Cook 'em in the pan with a lil oil on med-high.
2. While that chicken is cooking, slice the peppers and onion. Not quite julienned, but nearly.
3. Once the chicken is cooked, get those onions sautéing in there, too. Add some chili powder and S&P. (Start slow adding the chili powder, you can always add more later.)
4. When the onions are starting getting wilty, add the peppers.
5. Simmer all that on medium until everything is cooked to your preference be it crunchy or über-wilted.
6. All cooked? Pile the mix into tortillas and sprinkle cheese on top.
7. Roll em up and devour!

•You can also throw tomatoes in the mix if you'd like.
•Try some guac as a topping.

Let me know how it goes!

Your girl,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WATCH THIS: Extraneous Lyrics 2012

There's a game I like to play where you take a popular song and try to adapt the lyrics to be a sophisticated as possible. This guy has that game down to a science. Enjoy the brilliance.

Your girl,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How the Fuck Did I Get Here?

Two years ago I was 21, living with two of the hardest-working people I've ever met, and slaving my little life away at a Greek restaurant in southwest Calgary.  Now, I'm a 23-year-old theatre student in Vancouver.

Very often I ask myself the same question, "How the fuck did I get here?"

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WATCH THIS: The Dinner Party (by BriTANick)

I love BriTANick so much. My first introduction to them was their spot-on parody of the "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer". Their videos are almost always totally absurd and often require several playbacks. Their video "Monologue for Thee" and the sequel (featuring Danny Pudi from "Community") let them flex their insane dialogue muscles and videos like "Everything" and "Jesus Toast" show their command of the tightly edited YouTube format.

This, their newest video, called "The Dinner Party" is just another slam dunk. I like it for the quick reveals, insane surprises and fun, cheesy melodrama. Enjoy!

Your girl,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shadow Pattern

One of the beautiful things I've come to love here in Vancouver are these "leaf shadows" - a description coined by my mother, as far as I know. It's the outcome of leaves falling onto the sidewalk, getting rained on and then leaving a dyed impression on the concrete. Here they are. And my brother.

Your girl,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WATCH THIS: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

I don't know how you haven't already seen this but in case you haven't, please just watch this. We'll talk when you're done.

This video makes me happy. It's a kind of irony and wit that I really enjoy. I don't know how much of a real-world impact it'll have (as in, whether or not it will actually change anyone's mind) but I think that for anyone sympathetic to the cause, it's a great chance to laugh in the face of the opposition of equal rights.


Your girl,

Stuff Your Morning Face with This Crazy-Simple Breakfast Sandwich

Made this in the morning and it satisfied well through the morning. I knew I had to share it with y'alls because...karma.
What you need to make this happen:
  • Egg
  • Handful of cheese (grated, yo!)
  • Lil tomatoes (quarter them up!)
  • Handful of spinach (chop it!)
  • Ham, or whatever
  • Bread (two slices, duh)
  • Butter, because I'm not messing around
What to do:
  • Put a little pan on the stovetop and get it warm, use your brain.
  • Get a little sautee action going on dem tomatoes and dat spinach.
  • As soon as the spinach starts to get kinda "wilty" throw that beaten egg in the pan.
  • Scramble that mess!
  • Toast the bread!
  • Turn off the heat!
  • Put the egg on the toast
  • Put the slice of ham in the pan
  • Throw the cheese on top of the bread
  • When the ham is warm (should be quick) put it on top of the cheese
  • Put the top on the bread
  • "Is this a sandwich I see before me?"

Tips for further greatness:
  • Spread some hummus or baba ganoush on one side of the toast.
  • Sub the ham in for a roasted red pepper or sauteed mushrooms to make it vegetarian
  • Make it sweet-n-savoury by using two waffles in place of the bread

Let me know if you try this or it inspires you to do something else!

Your girl,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WATCH THIS: My Best Friend is the Girl of Your Dreams

When I was fifteen I met Sarah Faye Bernstein. She's a super hilarious human being and we've traversed this fair planet together (Bali, Kuala Lumpur, New biggie). For the last eight years she's basically been my favorite human being.

That brings us to this cute, weird and funny video. I'm not certain I totally understand the concept because I think that you need some knowledge of Skyrim but she has some abdomen-achingly funny moments. (My personal favorite is her apologizing for something she said about dogs.) Anyway, do yourself a favor and check it out. Plus, she's a total babe so...there's that.

Your girl,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Did you know...

...that the name of the director of the latest Spiderman movie is Marc Webb. Seriously.

Also, if you think Andrew Garfield is a babe, you have to see that movie. He's particularly stud-like in it.

Your girl,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cultural Confusion

"So, what kind of Asian are you?"
"You speak Japanese, right?"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard slightly varied versions of those questions in my lifetime. Along with those seemingly-patented phrases I've also encountered my share of racism and general ass-in-head-ness.

Click "Read More" to well, read more.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WATCH THIS: Jamel and Strome do a bit about Alors on Dance

This video features Jamel, known to me for being the lovable grocery delivery man in Amélie, and Strome, the man behind my French summer jam "Alors on Danse", do a bit where Jamel helps Strome write the song. It's simply amazing and further informs the crushing fact that I need to date a French guy at some point in my life to feel fulfilled.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Insomnia Chores

I don't really have insomnia. A more accurate word is "unable to wind-down"-ness. I love sleeping and would pick a nap over a beer any day but at the end of the day I have a helluva time trying to sleep. Knowing that, I decided to do my laundry tonight while I waited to feel sleepy (I almost do as I type this in my bed). Anyway, feels good to have done something with this otherwise cruel joke of a bad habit.

What do you do to wind down?

Your girl,

LOCKS: Taylor Swift Inspired Curls

So Taylor Swift has a new album out and all my favorite ladies are loving her. I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of hers but damn does she love a good curly hair look. My classmate Sarah and I tried this out one night and here are the results.

Check it out after the jump!

Friday, October 19, 2012

LOCKS: The Sock Bun

I'm thrilled to bring you another video tutorial! This time it's about hair, which is my favorite genre in the YouTube realm of How-To's. Enjoy!

Your girl,

Friday, October 12, 2012


There is no recipe here. This is just a salad with a cup soup. Specifically the Split Pea Soup from Eating Right (Safeway's generic, health conscious in-house brand). But hot damn, are they good. My favorite two are this on featured and the Black Bean Soup.

Your girl,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Lovers!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and those of you with Monday off spend it recovering from last night's turkey binge. Check back later in the week for all sorts of fun stuff. Spoiler alert: I'm gonna talk to boys who spend a lot of time with girls. It might get interesting...

Your girl,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

HEAR AND SEE THIS: Violin Cover of Boyfriend

Saw this over on Jezebel this morning. His name is Seth G. and he also has a wonderful version of "Thinkin' Bout You" by Frank Ocean but here is the first video of his I've seen, a cover of Beebs' "Boyfriend".

So, did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Your girl,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WATCH THIS: Let's Have A Kiki by Scissor Sisters

My friend Jameson sent this to me last night and changed everything. While I barely understand what the hell a "kiki" is, I do know that I want to have one. If it means retro ponytails, men playing tambourines and raincoat dresses, I'm in. So no matter what shit life is throwing at you lately (hey Calgary, heard about the snow...sorry dudes) hit play on this gem and my hope is that it'll lift your spirits the same way it did for me heir soir.

Your girl,

Monday, October 1, 2012

WATCH THIS: Weirdo by Donald Glover

Donald Glover is many things. He's Troy Barnes. He's Childish Gambino. He's a former writer on 30 Rock. He's an NYU graduate. He's amazing. And funny. Want proof? Here's his 2011 Comedy Central special. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SEE THIS: Harry Potter Fan Art

Just a small sampling.
Like Harry Potter? Then click here for the most hypnotic gallery of fan art I've ever seen. So many wonderful things and a strong focus on the Marauders Generation. It's beautiful.

LOCKS: Trojan Ponytail

Yes Matt, another hair tutorial...

So, I'm doing a play about the aftermath of the Trojan war. This look is kinda inspired by it. And it's a ponytail! (Points for anyone who can identify why that's kinda funny.) My fellow cast-mate Sarah sat in for this tutorial!

Check it out after the jump!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

HEAR THIS: Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean

I've been hearing a lot about this guy for a lot of different reasons but foremost among the chatter is the talk of how good he is. Then, last weekend I finally saw him perform on SNL and was shaken. I can't find good a recording of that performance but you should seek it out, because it's one of the best musical guest performances vocals-wise in years. A real palate-cleanser for anyone who remembers Lana Del Rey last season...makes me shudder still. In the meantime here is the album version of his song Thinkin Bout You:

Your girl,


Thanks to people like you, THE LOST GIRL has exceeded 1,500 hits!


Your girl,

Saturday, September 22, 2012


This easy guac recipe, paired with a classic grilled cheese.
Tonight's first ever Friday Night Food Fight (which may indeed be published in the early moments of Saturday) we feature one of the simplest recipes I know, GUACAMOLE!

Small handful of fresh, diced tomato
Lemon or lime
Salt 'n Peppa

1. Mash the avocado in a bowl.
2. Squeeze half the juice from a lemon or lime over (or a few dashes if you're using bottled)
3. Salt 'n peppa attack!
4. Add the tomato
5. Mix
6. Manger!


Your girl,

Friday, September 21, 2012

LOCKS: A Nod to Gwen Stefani

It's exceptionally difficult to take a picture of ones own hair.
I've been listening to No Doubt since the second grade. So, fifteen years? Yeah. Fifteen. Anyway, I've always always always thought that Gwen Stefani was boss and coveted her hair. I went so far as to bleach and colour (still a painful memory) in parts to be a little closer to her signature pink 'do. Anyway, I love her look in the new video for "Settle Down" and saw a really conscise how-to on YouTube last night and thought I'd try it today.

A funny moment with the look, at one point in one of my acting classes where I was supposed to have a small, squishy ball under my head (don't try to understand it, it's not worth it) my prof told me she thought the little buns in my hair would be sufficient. Ridiculous but great.

Anyway here is my rendition and below I've added the tutorial I watched and video itself that I derived this look from:

Start with two or three-day-old hair.
Grab two small, clear hair ties.
Plenty of bobby pins close to your hair colour.
Some hairspray would be good.
A comb.
Maybe a bit of styling serum, a teensy bit...maybe. Depends on the texture of your hair.

STEP ONE - Sectioning
Make the first section at the front of your hair around where your fringe would be/is. Tie the remaining hair into two even, high ponytails - one under the other.

STEP TWO - Messy Buns
Twist both ponytails into messy buns allowing the ends to stick out. Use as many bobby pins as you need for it to feel secure, which for people with lots of hair like me now is easier said than done. Just play around with it. Then tease the ends in whatever way works for your hair - this is where that serum might come in handy.

STEP THREE - Twist the Front
Yep, just twist that hair back around itself and then pin it securely.

The video below will just tell you to pin it in but I made another bun at the top of my head and did the same thing as the other two.

STEP FIVE - Mess It All Up
Kinda get in there and wreck it all. It shouldn't look perfect. Now enjoy your cute hair!

Good luck and let me know if you have any success with it or you have any other styles you think I should try out!

Your girl,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WATCH THIS: Parenthood

For this first installment of WATCH THIS I really went with my guts and let me tell you, they were ripped to shreds after watching the last episode of PARENTHOOD.

PARENTHOOD airs on NBC or Global (depending on if you're in the US or Canada) on TUESDAY nights. Check your local listings! And sorry to international readers, I have no idea when/where/if it airs for you but if you can navigate the internet I'm sure you can find it someplace.

Read on after the jump!

Monday, September 17, 2012

HEAR & SEE THIS: Our Deal by Best Coast (Extended)


A few summers ago I saw the music video for Our Deal by Best Coast. It was directed by Drew Barrymore and featured Chloë Grace Moretz, Shailene Woodley, Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover and Alia Shawkat. Crazy right? Well, it was good and I played it on repeat all that summer. Well, tonight I thought of it again and wanted to relive the magic. Imagine my surprise when I find out there is an extended edition. I do this it's worth looking up the original because it's edited so so so well and I just fucking love it. But here's the ten-minute extended version that I found tonight for your viewing pleasure. And let me know if you get addicted to this song like I did. Then we can form some sort of support group, okay?

Love ya.

Your girl,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Theatre is Dead aka "So, When are You Moving to Hollywood?"

So yes, I'm in theatre school. Right now I am in my second second-year. That's right, I've already been to theatre school. I did two intensive years at a college (that is now a University with a capital "U") that tore me into pieces and put me back together. Then, I spent two years serving bubble tea, sitting on a couch, and watching The Office. Needless to say, I wasn't ready. Not to say that my training at said college - shit, I mean university - was lackluster, but I graduated when I was a twenty-year-old recovering basket-case and hadn't been able to fully soak up all the wonderful things I was being taught. Quite a shame. Obviously, I couldn't go back and do it again and I figured that if I was gonna do this, I'd do it up right and get a respectable undergraduate degree out of it too.

Soon I found myself on stage auditioning for a University with a capital "U" that had been a University for a long, long time and I had always assumed I wasn't smart enough to attend. Turns out, I am smart enough. And then in September of 2011 I began my second turn at theatre school. And so far, so good.

Now that we have our context, carry on after the jump for more.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

HEAR THIS: Too Close by Alex Clare

Your girl,

Three Things I'm Stoked About This Fall

I'm a student and as such, September marks the beginning of a new year. A time for resolutions about eating well, exercising and studying hard. It's also a really easy time to be a huge bummer. Summer's over and life is back in full swing. However, I see it as an excellent opportunity to get stoked on life.

Read on after the jump to find out what has me so stoked this autumn.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Apology #2

On vacay. Be back soon. I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me.

Your girl,

PS - I seriously hate packing.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Your Girl's Lazy, Sorta Gross, Favorite Summertime Cocktail

Stuff you'll need:
Iced tea mix
Vanilla vodka

What to do:
Use the water to make some iced tea. Pour in as much vodka as you want. Mix. Add ice. Call it a day.


Your girl,

PS - Don't forget to drink responsibly.

Last-Minute Summer To-Do List

Well folks, for those of you who are like me and live by the academic calendar, there about two weeks left of summer. That means there are two weeks left to do all of those things you said you were going to back in the winter when your eyelashes were freezing, the rain relentlessly occupying your boots or whatever winter woes you suffer in your region. For myself, this has been an unusually productive summer between working for seven weeks in Van, spending July in Quebec and now, doing a hometown visit that has included auxiliary trips and family reunions. But, that doesn't mean I haven't wasted a few days away. Now is the time to reclaim them and make the best of these (as my mother says nearly everyday, all summer) "last nice days".

Read on after the jump for some ideas and make sure to share your own in comments!

Monday, August 6, 2012


On Thursday night I showered. On Friday morning I left Quebec, where I had been for the last five weeks, and headed to Calgary. I arrived Friday night, passed out and woke up the next morning to go camping. And then today, at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon I showered upon return from camping. That's nearly four days that had passed since I'd showered. While I can't be certain, this certainly feels like a dirt record.

Read on after the jump for some of my unprofessional hair tips for dirty hair.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

HEAR THIS: Summer 2012 Playlist

I was inspired after that last HEAR THIS to post more music but in order to condense the experience here is a playlist that I've been rocking this summer. It's not very long and some are newer than others but I think they're all good.

Click here for the playlist!

Your girl,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HEAR THIS: Stromae - Alors on Danse

This song has been the jam out here in Quebec. Give it a listen. The video for it is kinda whack but in that familiar, whack French way.


Your girl, 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Your Girl Went to a Club in Quebec

I don't go out clubbing a lot. Actually, I don't go clubbing ever. But from the pictures and stories I'd seen and heard, it really didn't seem like something I was missing in my life. Then, last Friday night I was talked into going to a club here in Trois-Rivières. I'm happy for the experience and in the end, some of my theories were debunked and some held up.

Keep reading after the jump to find out more about my experience.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guest Post: Style with Jennifer Tiwana

Note from Your Girl: What follows is the first of hopefully many guest posts by people I think you should hear from. I met Jennifer in high school and think she has a great attitude about life and I've recently become a fan of her  site I think this quote lifted from the About Me section on her site says it all about why I asked her to post: I believe "sexy" is measured by the comfort in your fashion and the kindness in your soul.

Amazing right? Make sure to check out her site ASAP and keep reading after the jump!

Your girl,

Monday, July 9, 2012


Cards on the table: I'm on a huge life adventure learning to speak French in Quebec this month. 
Said adventure has left me with little brain-power to come up with anything worth blogging. However, I am really hopeful that I'll have something for you to chew by the end of this week. Maybe it'll even be en français...maybe.

Votre fille,

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Question: What is your best packing strategy?

I leave for Quebec in 12.5 hours and I haven't even started packing yet. What's your strategy? Or, are you like me and you don't have one?

Your girl,

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beside Myself [I'm Hilarious]

My bedside table gives away the fact that I'm a single girl not becuase of anything sexy. It's really just due to the sheer volume of hummus containers, coffee cups, smoothie mugs, and hair products.

You know?

Your girl,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Following the Leader

Chances are that if you like The Lost Girl, you might also like more of my up-to-the-moment musings about the world. If this sounds like you, then you should follow me on Twitter! Click here!

Your girl,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Handful of Links to Whet Your Appetite Until I Come Up With Something Better

I promised a post and I guess this is as good a time as any to reveal something. I'm lazy. Today I woke up at nine and stayed in bed until some friends came over in the afternoon to convoy over to English Bay and sit on the beach. It's a tough life. The people upstairs are getting freaky. The cat I'm "catsitting" is running around outside my door like a madman. My neck is fucked. Oh, and I'm about to call it a night before I get up crazy-early tomorrow to begin my last 4 days working the cafe life. Then it's goodbye Vancouver and bonjour Quebec for six weeks to learn français on a government bursary. Ace? Ace.  But here I am and here we are.

Keep reading after the jump for a little something I like to call "A Handful of Links to Whet Your Appetite Until I Come Up With Something Better".

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Double Duty

I just saw two really excellent articles on Jezebel about tampons and smuggling stuff into concerts. These kinds of posts are the reason I like Jezebel because they remind me that I belong to different subcultures. In this instance, women and small-time hooligans, respectively.

And to add my own flavour to the mix:
Remove the cotton bit from an unused (obviously) tampon and it becomes a nice vessel to house a rolled joint. Just put it back in the wrapper and maybe even dab a bit of glue to seal it back up. If a security guard wants you to prove that it's a legit tampon, you might want to consider going to a different venue for your concert-going needs.

What are you tips or tricks with tampons and smuggling?

Your girl,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Girl Asks: What are you good at?

Today my boss was talking about how her acupuncturist suggested making a list of things she is naturally good as a means of bringing positivity into her life. It became the theme of my shift today and has stayed with me.

I'm really good at putting Ikea furniture together. Seriously, buy me a taco pizza from Panago and I'll set up your whole apartment for you. In general, my family often comments that I can figure mechanical things like that out. If only I'd been better and math and science. Maybe I'd have been a genius?
I make an exceptional box of Annie's pasta. After following the box directions, try tossing some dijon and panko in with your next batch. You're welcome.
I have superior Googling skills. I don't get caught in too many arguments about facts because I am a monster at fact-checking.
I'm very adept at mentioning specific companies. As evidenced in this post. H&M, Forever 21, Apple, Herbal Essences, MAC.
I can whip up a pretty solid hot chocolate. Either with a steamer wand or even dry mix. Seriously, it's an art.
My sense of direction are top notch. I'm not exactly a Cub Scout master orienteer (does that even exist?) but I can usually tell my way around a place. I might not always know EXACTLY where I am or going but I can read a map pretty well and once I establish where North is in a city I can get around pretty easily. My shining moment was figuring out New York and their Subway system when I visited in '10 with mon mère.
I know stuff about stuff. The degree of knowledge I posses about certain aspects of pop culture might verge on the annoying. Mostly due to my Google abilities.

So now I ask you,
What are you good at?

Your girl,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All Regal and Whatnot

I went on a bit of a monarchy binge today internet-wise. The host at a restaurant I was at on Saturday told us about this home video footage Prince Charles released during this Jubilee hullabaloo. It's quite cute. I didn't realize the Queen was so adorable and animated.

I wish I had any home movies.

Your girl,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

HEAR THIS: Coldplay feat. Rihanna "Princess of China"

Your Girl's Guide to: Going to A Concert Alone

I'm a single girl and as a single girl I'm faced with two options: staying in and becoming a crazy person or nutting-up and doing things alone. We're talking shopping, movies, plays and - the topic of Your Girl's Guide - going to concerts.

Keep reading after the jump!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Let's face it, the Facebook can be an awkward thing sometimes. No situation is more delicate than the business of "unfriending".

Read on after the jump!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Other Girls

When I saw the first trailer for Girls, a new HBO series focuses on the lives of four 20-young'ns, my first instinct was that it was going to be good. Then, as the reviews started popping up online, I began to worry that it might be a little too in line with my own life, which might making watching it a little frustrating. Allow me a moment to eat my words.

I just finished catching up on the three episodes thus far and I'm hooked. None of these characters are perfect, which is something I can appreciate. I feel like this is a turning point where girls of my generation are starting to be portrayed with some actual realism on screen. We've already seen some bad decisions be made that make them feel like real, vulnerable people rather than a haircut. (Ten points for Gryffindor if you understand that reference.)

Here's a clip of creator Lena Dunham talking with exec-producer Mr Judd Apatow (and if you hunt around a little you can watching Episode 1 in it's entirety on YouTube right now as well).

Now, I know a lot of useless pop culture shit and it's mostly because when I see something, I Google the hell out of it. Here's some of the more interesting tid bits. If you haven't watched it yet, beware, there might be one itty bitty spoiler ahead.

  • Allison Williams. Her dad is Brian Williams and she has amazing hair. She had a really charming interview on David Letterman. Click here to see it.
  • Speaking of dads, David Mamet's daughter Zosia is also on the show and she plays a totally different character than her one on Mad Men. 
  • Jorma Taccone's cameo. I've been loving me some Lonely Island since a boy showed me it in the ninth grade (that's all the way back in '04 for those of you keeping score) and watching Jorma be so agressive and sexy sent my heart racing.
  • I didn't like Lena Dunham's movie "Tiny Furniture" and was worried it'd be like that. It's not. Because it runs in 30 minute episodes the pacing is a lot quicker which I think works better for her writing.
  • Did I mention that Lena (a 25-year-old New Yorker) co-wrote all 10 episodes of this inaugural season and directed about half of them?
Hyping done. Tell me what you think!

Your girl,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sunny Sides

Having migrated out to the West coast from Calgary for school, I'm finding myself feeling somewhat displaced. But recently I've come to the conclusion that life is a spectrum and I don't have to decide if I'm a "Calgary girl" or a Vancouverite. I can be a little bit of both. Some people can't possibly fathom what Calgary's redeeming aspects are and honestly sometimes I need to remind myself. But I love both places and here are my arguments that choosing just isn't something I'm ready to do.

Keep reading after the jump!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Deal

In moving forward with this version of THE LOST GIRL I've realized I need a refined vision of what this blog is all about. So I've decided to come up with a deal. A deal for you, the lovely reader, and a deal for myself, the unqualified writer.

First off, we're keeping the name. But, don't get it twisted: This blog isn't about being lost. Simply, THE LOST GIRL gets it name from J.M. Barrie's Lost Boys gang in "Peter Pan". They lived childhood paradise world of their own imaginations and I believe it's still possible to live my life that way. I can grow up but, the world I live in as a grown-up is all about what I make it out to be. So, you'll hear about my life and the quest to create my own paradise.  I'll make it, "Neverland or bust."

So what else is in this deal?
  • My life is also about "new" these days. New city, new school, new people, and (as of today) new homes. So when I find something new I'm going to share that with you, too. Places to go and things to do.
  • I love pop culture, I really do. So, I'll drop in nuggets of news from the pop culture world, likely ranging from mundane to abstract to intriguing.
  • I'll drop a non sequitur in when I can muster it.
  • You'll get updates about my career as it unfolds. It's just a baby, incubating in theatre school right now but there's plenty more yet to come!
And lastly, I'll listen to you. If you can take the time to give me feedback then I'll do what I can to integrate it.

Alright so let's see what all this means and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Your girl,

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This blog is experiencing a complete overhaul.
Hang tight!

Your girl,